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ELKHART, Ind. (WNDU) – Summer vacation is over for students at Elkhart Community School.

With an enrollment of over 11,300 students, Elkhart is one of the largest districts in our region.

Summer vacation is over for students at Elkhart Community School. has been at the helm for almost four years. It oversees 20 buildings and is working to fill approximately 40 open teaching positions. He says the district offers some pretty great incentives to work in community schools in Elkhart.

“We paid three or four weeks maternity leave,” Dr. Thalheimer said. “We are looking at what we can do with child care for our own employees who need child care for their preschoolers, infants and toddlers. So we try to do all these things that we know other companies and industries are doing.

Elkhart now has just one high school, with six majors including engineering, technology, and innovation. Built in 2020, the ETI building began hosting classes last year.

“It’s our metal fabrication lab that offers metalworking certifications, sought after in our industry obviously because of all the industry they have with RVs and everywhere else with industrial fabrication,” Thalheimer said. .

The ETI building also offers welding and robotics courses, providing students with skills that local fabricators demand. Many students are job-ready upon graduation. Dr. Thalheimer says local businesses contact him frequently.

“Saying, ‘Give us these kids who can really do this job,'” Thalheimer said.

Evening classes are available for interested adults.

Other buildings in the Elkhart school system have a new purpose. Hawthorne Elementary is now an early years center and drop-in center. There are also programs for pre-kindergarten children with special needs.

Elkhart is once again focusing on anti-bullying initiatives following the death of 12-year-old Rio Allred. Dr. Thalheimer said students and staff would be reminded of respectful behavioral expectations. Additional training will continue at all levels to ensure policies are followed.

“The job we need to do is make sure everyone is aware of this policy and procedures for investigating any type of incident from a reported bully and then what needs to happen in terms of document help to determine if this was really some type of bullying incident or just some kind of conflict,” Dr. Thalheimer said.

Dr. Thalheimer looks forward to the new school year and wants students to share his enthusiasm.

“Bring that excitement back. Bring it with you when you come to school. And know that we are here to help create a safe and nurturing environment for you, a place where we want you to succeed and where we hope to live up to our Elkhart Promise of knowing every student by name,” said Dr Thalheimer. .

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