Ayurveda industry set to enter heart department with scientific evidence


In a bid to promote evidence-based Ayurveda across the country, a four-day National Ayurveda Cardiology Symposium – the first of its kind in India, was organized to showcase and share various evidence-based case studies by clinical data on the success of Ayurveda in treating and reversing heart disease, Madhavbaug said in a statement.

Madhavbaug, a brand of Vaidya Sane Ayurved Laboratories, specialists in treating and reversing heart conditions through their Ayurvedic treatments and therapies, brought together around 5,000 doctors from across India for this virtual conference, which saw a wide involvement of practitioners of modern medicinal drugs, the statement added.

Addressing the attendees, Dr. Rohit Madhav Sane, MD and CEO, Madhavbaug emphasized the need for an evidence-based practice of Ayurveda to unlock its true potential. “A major concern with Ayurveda is the lack of an evidence-based approach in its treatment procedure. Any treatment method to stand the test of time must be scientifically proven. We have taken a major step in this direction by developing a standard treatment protocol for over 100 disorders based on clinically validated data,” Dr. Sane said in the release.

In his inaugural address, Dr. Madhuri Kanitkar, Lt Gen (Retd), Vice Chancellor of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHA), insisted on proper documentation of Ayurveda’s success in treating various illnesses, according to the statement.

Echoing a similar thought, Dr. Jagdish Hiremath, Professor, Madhavbaug Institute of Preventive Cardiology, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, said that a proper scientific record of various therapies and drugs Ayurveda will help the industry make a major mark globally, the statement adds.

The four-day virtual event saw 1,510 Ayurvedic physicians, including nearly 82 Ayurvedic Cardiac Specialists, from Maharashtra, Gujrat, MP, UP, Karnataka and Goa present their extraordinary and thought-provoking case studies backed by clinical data on the Ayurvedic Management of Various Cardio Metabolic Disorders. Some of the key case studies presented during the symposium include the role of Pranayam in chronic stable angina, role of sasneha virechana in hypertension, role of vrana upkrama in the management of diabetic wounds, the role of a set of asanas in primary prevention of CHF, effect ofanghan in water retention in known cases of chronic heart failure, the management of obesity in patients with comorbidities, and the role of the 800-calorie low-carbohydrate diet and herbal medications in diabetic patients , among others.

With modern medicine unable to reduce the high incidence of death from heart disease, the evidence-based successes of scientific Ayurveda – led by Madhavbaug are expected to make heart treatment affordable and accessible to many across the world. India, according to the statement.

He also noted that Madhavbaug has published over 150 research reports in peer-reviewed allopathic medical journals – nationally and globally highlighting his success in treating and reversing lifestyle disorders like diabetes. , cardiovascular disease, hypertension and obesity.


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