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Jay Kyle Petersen intends to rectify that. With this much researched and well-researched volume, the author, who is intersex himself, begins with definitions essential for basic understanding. Intersex belongs to the spectrum of the human body and should not be confused with fundamental gender identity (a completely different spectrum).

It is not synonymous with transgender. It is not a mental illness, nor is it an anomaly, and it is this kind of confusion that has led to the abuse, infanticide and trauma of the “corrective” surgery undertaken to force it. individuals to enter a more traditional, albeit inauthentic, binary condition. .

The author offers a comprehensive overview of the over 40 variations of intersex, provides a global history from ancient times, and includes many resources and methods by which healthcare providers can help intersex people. A wide range of professionals, from doctors and therapists to lawyers, social workers, addiction counselors and even family members can benefit from this comprehensive volume.

Petersen, who was mistakenly identified as a woman at birth and raised as a girl, shares her personal journey to claim her true biological identity in a story that is as illuminating as it is fascinating. In addition to offering intersex training workshops, Petersen is a Tucson-based writer, artist and activist.

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