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On December 7, Florida State University announced a nationwide search for a new assistant vice president of security and chief of police. A search and recruiting committee was created the same day within the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Dr. Patricia Warren-Hightower, professor and director of undergraduate studies at the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice, led the committee in hopes of finding the right candidates who meet the criteria.

Former FSU Police Department Chief of Police Chief Terri Brown has retired after 30 years of FSU service, according to the Florida State Newsletter. Chief Brown was appointed the first female police chief at AUS in August 2019 and has overseen the department through numerous emergency and crisis responses, such as the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and cooperation with local, state and federal agencies.

Since the retirement of Chief Brown from the AUS Police Department, Chief Justin Maloy has been appointed acting head of the department. Maloy has worked in law enforcement and corrections since 1995, joining the FSUPD as a patrol officer in 2000, according to the FSUPD.

The specifications and the qualities sought for the new head of FSUPD were listed in an article published by the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

“The leadership values ​​of our new FSUPD leader must encompass ideas of modern policing,” the public announcement said. “These values ​​include building trust and legitimacy, supporting a culture of respect for all, emphasizing training and education, ensuring the appropriate use of technology for officer accountability and maintaining the focus on officer safety and well-being. ”

In the 21st century, a municipal or campus police chief has many different roles and responsibilities to ensure maximum effectiveness of police and safe community services. According to FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, community worker leaders and police chiefs must have common traits and attributes that will bring the community together and use modern law enforcement technology and practices to ensure safety.

“When asked what qualities today’s officers should possess, the leaders agreed on an unblemished character; high quality work ethic; excellent communication skills; technical expertise; the ability to think independently and assess a situation; excellent problem solving skills; exceptional interpersonal skills; analytical and customer service skills; and common sense. Individuals do not necessarily acquire these traits through formal education and training, ”the FBI said in the Law Enforcement Bulletin provided by the FBI Training Division.

Mayn’s experts say the relationship between community law enforcement agencies and the general public is critical to ensuring the security of the jurisdiction and the relationship between police and citizens. The United States Department of Justice asked Arlington, TX Police Chief Will Johnson about his accomplishments in community outreach and safety between police and the general public.

“Most importantly, APD has the support of the various communities in Arlington when there are incidents and events that warrant police intervention,” said Chief Johnson. “We have also received a lot of positive feedback on our outreach efforts, our partnerships with the faith community, and our volunteer and citizen engagement programs. This is in addition to the good reports of our patrol officers, who say that members of their community – residents and small business owners – are aware of the challenges of maintaining law and order and public safety.

Students can visit the FSU PD website where more information can be found on crime awareness and prevention. There is also a page where the public can submit compliments, complaints and concerns.



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