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Posted: 07/31/2022 16:26:28

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ATHOL – The Athol Fire Department recently honored a local doctor by making him an honorary firefighter. It is an honor rarely granted to anyone. Dr. Adam Darnobid was due to receive his firefighter’s pin at the department’s annual firefighters’ commemoration on June 26, but was unable to attend. Thus, Fire Chief Joseph Guarnera and a group of firefighters went to Athol Hospital on Thursday morning July 28 to formalize the honor.

Darnobid is the medical director of the hospital’s emergency department, responsible for ensuring the quality of care patients receive when they need to go to the emergency room, before they even get there.

“Part of that is working with fire and EMS,” the doctor told the Athol Daily News. “I started EMS years ago in New York, a month before 9/11. So I’ve been EMS for over 20 years.

Darnobid said he did his fellowship in prehospital emergency medicine at UMass/Memorial Medical Center and worked with Athol Fire and EMS before taking his current job at Athol Hospital.

“So we’ve worked quite closely over the last two years,” he said. “The pandemic has been difficult, really stressful for us in a way of changing the way we do things, but also increasing our cooperation.

“At the station, we talk about calls or review calls, we get to know the teams, we learn about their challenges, see what they do, and we get to know our community. So really, over the last couple of years we’ve gone from little interaction to interaction – not constantly, but much, much more frequently. We are improving the care they provide to the community and we are strengthening this link in the chain. They’re an extension of ED, and we’re trying to make that happen; we are trying to make the Athol Fire Department an extension of our department and our hospital.

“We are getting there. It’s going really well. They’re smart, they’re quick, they work hard. They take care of the patients and they pass this information on to us. So we’re improving the care we give our people when they come to us in a huge, huge way.

Darnobid said he also remained in communication with paramedics as they transported patients to the emergency room. Staying in close contact during ambulance calls provides first responders with greater opportunity to ask questions regarding treatment, while also allowing them to ask the ER for treatment alternatives that could be administered on the way to the hospital. .

Reading the statement he had prepared for the firefighters memorial, Guarnera said: “When Dr. Darnobid was first assigned to Athol Hospital and became our medical director, I asked if we could meet and discuss what we were doing and find out what he expects of us. He came to my office; we had a long meeting, and then he met the EMS coordinator, and the rest is history.

“Dr. Darnobid is always there when we need him,” Guarnera continued, “whether it’s something that happened on the street in the ER or just a simple medical question. He always gets back to us as soon as possible.

“Now that he knows us and our abilities, he has approved more medical procedures that can be performed at both our basic and paramedic levels. This in turn enables us to provide the latest emergency medicine and most efficient.”

In conclusion, the chef said, “This recognition is just our way of letting Dr Darnobid know that he is one of us and we appreciate everything he has done for us.

Darnobid started his service at Athol Hospital in August 2020, just as the COVID-19 pandemic was accelerating its acceleration in the population. After completing his residency and fellowship at UMass/Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, he took a job at Health Alliance Leominster Hospital and moved to Ashburnham.

“I have a great rural life there,” he said. “Things are calm. But when the pandemic hit, things changed for sure, and I was looking for a new job. I had known the CMO (Chief Medical Officer) of Heywood (Gardner’s Hospital) and it turned out that they had a place here for me and – just by luck – here I am.

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