ARHS masks, fire chief certification requirement downgraded, golf course fencing and resident convicted of selling Adderall



Above: A year ago, Algonquin was touting masks for safety. One of the issues covered by the media this week was a regional school committee debate on continued need. (image attributed to Dana Gaudette from the 2021 class, tweeted by @HsAlgonquin)

This week I’m putting together four articles from local newspapers about our community.

Metrowest Daily News wrote about a resident convicted of illegally selling prescription drugs.

These days, crimes, fires and car accidents affect all regional newspapers and their subsidiaries covering the Southborough news.

Fortunately, the Community Advocate has stepped up its pace of local government. CA covered two highlights from the board meeting and one from the regional school committee meeting.

The ARHS will retain the mandate of the mask despite the proposal of the vice-president of the school committee – Community lawyer:

A motion failed with a 5-1 split vote on taking advantage of an option to seek fall mask warrants in schools with an immunization rate of over 80%:

A mask mandate will remain in place at Algonquin Regional High School (ARHS) despite efforts by regional school committee vice-chair Daniel Kolenda to withdraw the mandate at a meeting on October 20. . .

“The marker has been placed,” Kolenda said. “The state fixed it… We didn’t just meet the marker, we passed the marker.”

He said he heard from parents and students anxious to get rid of the masks. . .

Superintendent Gregory Martineau said the district has submitted a form to the Ministry of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to have local control over when masks can be removed. . .

“Dan, we’ve heard your opinion,” President Paul Desmond said. ” I absolutely do not agree. I think we need to follow the science, and I agree with what the medical advisory team said. I don’t think it’s worth taking the risk of looking for more contacts at school and wasting learning time at school. “. . .

[Superintendent Gregory Martineau] said recent conversations with the district medical advisory team surrounded the masking and dropping out at ARHS. (Read more)

Southborough Selectmen removes certification requirement for paramedics from fire chief’s contract – Community lawyer:

A split vote among elected officials on an unrelated security issue succeeded:

With a vote of 3-2, Southborough Selectmen agreed at their October 19 meeting to amend Fire Chief Steven Achilles’ contract, removing the requirement that he must maintain his paramedic certification for the duration of his employment. contract.. . .

In a letter, the fire chief said there had been times during his two-year tenure when he was required to be the first paramedic while simultaneously acting as the rank chief at the scene.

He felt the situation created a “conflict” and said he believed he should focus on his duties as fire chief. . .

[Town Counsel] Did not see a “conflict” per se, he noted that the board could rely on their time management experience and having other lower level staff respond to medical incidents.

The city’s attorney said the fire chief’s request for modification also appeared to be related to his level of personal comfort in performing his paramedical duties. . .

Vice President Chelsea Malinowski said she was uncomfortable with the fire chief dropping two levels in certification from a paramedic to a basic EMT. She said emergency personnel had advanced EMT certification at a minimum. . .

Braccio said she viewed the fire department as “driven by paramedics” and as a result, she also said she had reservations. (Read more)

Business explodes at Southborough Golf Club, but areas of concern remain – Community lawyer:

Selectmen also discussed a very different security issue.

Southborough Golf Club is enjoying record business and financial performance, according to Selectman Sam Stivers.

But there are still some concerns, including the need for better fences for pedestrian safety. . .

Noting that a resident was injured by a stray bullet, Stivers said they were looking to add a fence on Latisquama Road. In addition, signs will be placed to warn pedestrians to be on alert for golf balls when players are present.

An existing fence is between 10 and 12 feet high. But it has shortcomings in three places, including Latisquama. . .

In addition to fencing, the city is also looking to consider irrigation options for fairways and greens. He is exploring options for paving the parking lot and driveway and is considering improving the food and drink offerings at the clubhouse, Stivers said. (Read more)

Framingham doctor’s office workers sentenced to jail for Adderall prescription scam – Daily News from Metrowest:

Two former employees of a doctor who had offices in Framingham and Whitinsville were sentenced to federal prison last week for their role in illegally prescribing Adderall to people with no medical need for the drug.

Last Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Hillman sentenced Rene Ruliera, 54, of Southborough, to two years in federal prison, followed by three years on probation. She pleaded guilty in 2019 to one count of conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute Adderall and four counts of distribution and possession with intent to distribute Adderall. . .

Authorities say the trio conspired to sell Adderall to people who had not been screened or diagnosed requiring the drug. . .

Authorities say [Dr. Leslie Carceni’s] office illegally issued 1,500 prescriptions – over 110,000 pills. It was the high number of prescriptions, monitored by the federal prescription monitoring system, that led to the charges. (Read more)



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