Animal Husbandry Department; Most of the positions including the medical advisor are vacant! News from Pipa


Animal Husbandry Department; Most of the positions including the medical advisor are vacant!

The Udayavani team, October 13, 2022, 09:00 IST

Udupi: There are more vacancies than sanctioned positions in the district livestock department. For this reason, the department is unable to provide adequate veterinary services in rural areas.

Not only the position of veterinarian, but also the positions of senior veterinarian, junior, breeder, senior veterinarian, veterinarian, grade “D” employee, etc., there are more vacancies than of sanctioned positions in all departments.

22 Chief Veterinarian positions have been sanctioned for the district of which only 12 have been filled. 10 is vacant. 6 of the 8 Head of Veterinary Services (Administration) posts are vacant. Of 46 Senior Veterinary Examiner positions, 34 are vacant. Out of 33 Veterinary Examiner positions, 24 are vacant. 134 posts are vacant out of 141 “D” grade staff posts. In total, out of 357 positions allocated to the borough in various departments, only 80 have been filled and 277 are vacant.

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Out of a total of 143 positions, including Chief Veterinarian, Chief Veterinarian, Chief Veterinarian, Chief Veterinarian and Junior Examiner, 44 are filled and 99 are vacant. Veterinarians are essential in rural areas. In rural areas, whatever problems the animals have, they go to the local veterinary clinic. There is always a voice without a doctor. Rural dairy farming stakeholders demanded that the government take urgent action in this regard.

400 Veterinarians filling possibility

In order to treat livestock in a timely manner, when the post of veterinarian is vacant, the nearest veterinary institute official or staff is put in place, and treatment is carried out on assignment. Arrangements are being made to provide services in rural areas through a mobile ambulance. The government is taking action regarding the recruitment of 400 vets in the state. Steps are also being taken to recruit 250 junior veterinary examiners. An official informed that some positions in Udupi district are likely to be filled.

to borrow service: We have already brought to the attention of the Ministry the shortage of veterinary officers. Moreover, we propose this question every time during the meeting. It is difficult to provide adequate service without military doctors. Now there are only two, and we borrow them for emergencies. –Dr Shankar Shetty, Deputy Director, Livestock Department



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