After the 12th, take this course, you will be successful in your career


There is no need to worry about career options after 12th grade. There are many great career options where you can continue your career after the 12th grade. Occupational therapy was first introduced in India in 1950, but there is still not much awareness about it. You can go abroad after completing an occupational therapy course if you wish. Occupational therapy is linked to the care of people with physical and mental disabilities.

Opportunities to find here after the course: –
Admission to the occupational therapy course requires passage in 12th year with the subjects of biology, physics and chemistry. Occupational therapy is a four-year course. It also requires a 6 month internship. You can also do a master’s and a doctorate after obtaining a bachelor’s degree. You can get a master’s degree in pediatrics, neuroscience, mental health, community rehabilitation. There is a huge demand for occupational therapists in government institutions, private institutions, schools, daycares.

These courses will make a point: –
BSc in occupational therapy (with distinction)
BSc in Occupational Therapy
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
Diploma in Occupational Therapy
M.Sc. in physiotherapy and occupational therapy
Master in Occupational Therapy

These positions can get work: –
After completing this course, work can be obtained in the positions of Occupational Therapy Technician, Consultant, Occupational Therapy Nurse, Rehabilitation Assistant, Speech Language Pathologist, Teacher, Laboratory Technician and Medical Records, etc.

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