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Advance Fast Payday Loan to 2000 PLN

An advance is a quick loan. Do you need to borrow a small amount of money quickly? This offer was created just for you. In Zanry Bank, you can borrow up to PLN 2,000 for the first time. See the details of this offer!

A quick loan, also for a short period of time.

Zanry Bank deals with short-term loans via the Internet. Therefore, each application for a payday in this company should be submitted online. The company lends money only to people who: have a minimum of 21 years, have a permanent source of income and during the first application send a personal ID, income certificate and a document confirming the address of residence, eg electricity bill, to the lender.

If you are able to meet these requirements, you can proceed to complete the application. He offers payday loans in amounts from PLN 100 to PLN 2,000, where the customer can choose between two options: 15 days or 30 days as the repayment period. The company also supports repayments of online loans provided by Viloan. Customers who have paid at least one loan at their website have the option of applying for another loan via SMS. They allows its clients to extend the repayment deadline by another: 15 days, 30 days or 60 days.

Another loan in the same company

Another loan in the same company

Another loan in Zanry Bank is practically no different from the first one. The customer may borrow up to the same amount as the first time and pay the same price for such a loan.

The only register with which Zanry Bank cooperates is Retrodatabase. Therefore, you do not have to be afraid of control at the Credit Information Bureau. Unfortunately, the mere presence in Retrodatabase immediately disqualifies you from the possibility of getting a loan in the company.

How to apply for a break on Zanry Bank?

Waterpumps are available online after completing the application located on the lender’s website. The company does not offer free payday loans, and you can only apply for one loan at a time. It is also possible to take advantage of the loan option via SMS. By providing the relevant data in the short message containing the amount of online payday and the repayment period, they send an SMS to the given mobile number. This shortens the time of applying for a loan, however, this kind of method of applying for cash is available only for regular customers using the company’s services. When registering, new users must present documents confirming the source and amount of income received.

The application procedure looks the same as for other lenders. First you choose the amount and the repayment period, and then click the “Take a loan” button. Clicking this will result in you being moved to the extended loan application. In this form, the company will ask you for personal and address details as well as information included in your ID. Zanry Bank also asks the number of the bank account.

The company also grants loans to persons running a business. If you intend to take out a loan with this company for the first time, you have to reckon with the need to submit a copy of the documents confirming the data from the registration form. These are, among others: ID card, income certificate, bank account number, document confirming the address of residence, e.g. utility bill.

As always in the case of loan repayment, punctuality is a key issue. It is necessary to keep it if we want to avoid paying back additional interest. Zanry Bank informs about the amount of additional costs at the time of submitting the application. All information can be found on the website. Thanks to this client, it will be easier to adjust the amount of the liability to its financial capabilities.

Rating and reviews of Zanry Bank

Loans in Zanry Bank are granted without checking the Ert and Credit Information Bureau databases, attracting the attention of customers. Unfortunately, the offer does not include free debits and the possibility of extending the loan period. On the other hand, the company clearly presents to its clients all costs related to late payment.