A school on the Indo-Pakistan border helps children from low-income families achieve their NEET dream


Teenagers who would have been forced to work due to financial difficulties have a new chance to live and become doctors. Through free education, coaching, meals and residence offered by Fifty Villagers Service Institute of Barmer. An institute set up on the Indo-Pakistan border is proving to be one of the most successful NEET schools.

In the recently held medical entrance exam – NEET 2022 – a total of 27 candidates from this school passed this exam this year. This institute, which began its journey 10 years ago, currently has around 65 doctors.

The school welcomes promising students from poor neighborhoods, whose studies were about to stop and who were forced to work to earn a living. Some of the beneficiaries include children who slept on an empty stomach due to poverty and worked as laborers in a tea shop (tapri) to feed their families.

Sheraram, a resident of Ratredi Kalla, who passed NEET 2022 said his father used to sell vegetables in Jodhpur. There are six sisters and three brothers in the house. In such a situation, it was difficult to manage the house. He studied up to class 10 while staying with his uncle. After his class 10, he was selected for NEET coaching. Although he got 67% in Class 10, he continued his education by staying in Fifty Villagers. Success came on the third attempt after facing two failures.

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The Fifty Villagers Service Institute was established by Dr. Bharat Saran and his team in 2012. The purpose of this institute is to fulfill the dream of students who want to become doctors but lack the resources.

Each year, the institute pre-selects 50 students from disadvantaged backgrounds who have completed at least class 10 and enrolls them in a public school with a biology subject, then gives coaching to the NEETs. So far, 65 students from this institute have been admitted to different medical colleges.

Shivpuri trained Bamanor resident Dr. Vabhutaram Nehra trained at Madhya Pradesh Medical College says that he once decided to quit his studies after the 10th due to financial issues but after joining Fifty Villagers Service Institute, he studied hard for 12-13 hours to pursue my dreams. All students here receive free food, life and education.

Dr. Khetaram Jaipal, a resident of Barmer’s Bhure ki Basti, who pursued MBBS from AIIMS Rishikesh, said that after passing 10th grade, he wanted to opt for science stream in 11th grade to become a doctor. But due to poor financial conditions, he dropped to 11th in the arts stream by staying in his village. Along with his studies, he continued to earn his bread too. Then an opportunity changed his world and he was admitted into Fifty Villagers where he continued his education by doing the eleventh science of Fifty Villagers again and was selected into AIIMS Rishikesh in 2017. Currently, he is doing an internship.

According to Dr. Bharat Saran, founder of Fifty Villagers, 65 students from this institute have been studying medicine in different medical colleges and AIIMS since its inception in 2012. Apart from this, 10 students were selected as lab assistants, four in Police from Rajasthan, six in Agriculture, one in Railways and 33 in B.Sc-B.Ed. This institute is run in collaboration with the Bhamashahs. This institute has received financial support of Rs 1.5 crore over the past 10 years.

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