6 Gardening Books You Can’t Miss in 2022


From caring for indoor plants to growing fruits and vegetables, gardening experts have you covered.

You may not feel like starting gardening in the middle of winter, but there are plenty of books out there that will provide you with the inspiration you need throughout the year.

Don’t miss these gardening books to give you the knowledge you’ll need to start growing, whether you just have a small balcony garden or a huge vegetable patch, or just want to make sure your houseplants survive.

1. You’re growing up, Gurl! Plant Kween’s Lush Guide to Growing Your Garden by Christopher Griffin

Six years ago, Christopher Griffin was just beginning the journey of plant parenting with a little pothos Marble Queen. Today, this non-binary queer black female influencer known as Plant Kween cares for a family of over 200 plants in their Brooklyn apartment.

Griffin now brings us this gorgeous, illustrated guide to becoming a plant parent and keeping your green ‘gurls’ growing, with handy instructions and tips on everything from propagation and repotting to measuring humidity. With over 200 images and illustrations, caring for plants teaches you to apply the same care and love to yourself, they say.

2. Weed Joy by Paul Farrell

Many experts now say that we should love weeds, that they encourage biodiversity, attract pollinators and can actually be beautiful. Paul Farrell takes that idea one step further with this colorful celebration of wild plants from around the world.

The illustrator and nature lover explains the benefits of going back to the wild a little. In his 50 graphic illustrations, he shows us the beauty of dandelions, thistles and feverfew and offers an original story about how weeds can be used in medicine, food, cooking and the arts – while being an important aid for wildlife.

3. Joe’s Expert Gardening Guide by Joe Swift

Popular gardening presenter and designer Joe Swift offers budding horticulturists a series of five easy-to-follow guides to different aspects of gardening, from houseplants and small gardens to creating a modern space, garden natural and an edible garden.

These books are ideal if you want lots of pictures to show you techniques as well as inspiring design ideas, no matter the size or location of your green space.

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4. The Verticals Guide to Container Gardening by Mark Ridsdill Smith

Looking for new ways to use containers but don’t have much space? You can try planting vertically, says Mark Ridsdill Smith, who founded Vertical Veg (verticalveg.org.uk) in 2009 after discovering how much food he could grow on his apartment balcony.

With its eight steps to container growing success – including adapting crops to the sunlight in your space, choosing the right container, spacing, watering and feeding – it can help people with limited space to grow everything from green beans to tomatoes, zucchini and berries in containers. Even balconies can be generous, he proves.

5. Skills for Growing by Charles Dowding

If you want to save on the hard work and enjoy the biggest harvests, pack a copy of Charles Dowding, gardening expert, YouTube presenter and “no dig” advocate’s latest guide to successful vegetable growing.

In an effort to save you time, but not at the expense of success, it shows home gardening enthusiasts how to create planting plans, implement succession plantings, save seeds, multiply, and sow multiple times. It also explains how to garden in winter and grow perennial vegetables.

6. Green living made easy by Nancy Birtwhistle

You may remember Nancy Birtwhistle as the 2014 Bake Off winner, but she’s also an avid home gardener and a deft hand in doing her part for the planet, where this book comes from.

She offers 101 helpful tips and ideas to help you live a more eco-friendly life without giving up the comforts of home. The book contains his advice on growing from cuttings, repotting, splitting plants, and making the most of edibles, including basil and strawberries. Of course, your harvests can also be put to good use in the selection of recipes she features in the book.


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