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Dakota Johnson is reportedly playing Madame Web in an upcoming film set in the Sony Marvel universe. With the power to see into the future and even communicate with characters from the past, she has enormous live-action potential. It’s likely the film will draw on some of the best comic book issues to introduce the character to the Marvel Universe.

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Co-created by legendary comic book writer Denny O’Neill and iconic artist John Romita Jr., Madame Web serves as something of an oracle for Spider-Man, giving him a foresight of potential threats. With the MCU and Sony Marvel Universe coming together in live-action, she could serve as a powerful bridge to connect franchises and many different characters in the years to come.


The Amazing Spider-Man #210

Madame Web when she first appeared in the comics

One of Madame Web’s best comic book issues is the very first one. She made her first appearance in Marvel Comics in The Amazing Spider-Man #210, where Spider-Man encounters the powerful precognitive mutant after pursuing a lead on a media advertisement.

Written by Denny O’Neill and John Romita Jr., one of the best Spider-Man artists of all time, this issue establishes the character’s unique appearance and powers, making her instantly compelling. In this issue, Spider-Man meets her after pursuing a lead on a media ad.

The Amazing Spider-Man #239

Spider-Man visits Madame Web in the hospital in Marvel Comics.

Madame Web could play a central role in the Sony Marvel Universe thanks to her knowledge of the future. She also knows the true identity of Peter Parker, or she did until she suffered amnesia in The Amazing Spider-Man #239, a key early career issue.

It’s a great issue for establishing that Peter Parker’s secret is safe again, but it’s also one of the best Spider-Man comic book issues of the 80s for being one of his first encounters with The Hobgoblin, who was to become a major. threatens.

Spider Woman #1

Madame Web teams up with Spider-Woman in Marvel Comics.

One of the best Madame Web stories in Marvel Comics begins in spider woman #1 from 1999. In this issue, she teams up with the various versions of Spider-Woman, including Jessica Drew and Julia Carpenter, to stop another – her own granddaughter.

The unlikely team leads into a major battle with Charolette Witter, who has become a terrifying version of Spider-Woman thanks to Doctor Octopus’ experiments. It’s a fun, action-packed number that could be a preview of things to come in the movies.

Aliases #17

Jessica Jones meets Madame Web in Marvel Comics.

Comic book fans know Jessica Jones is a powerful superhero, but she’s shaken by Madame Web. One of Madame Web’s best stories can be found in this early 2000s issue of A.k.awhere Madame Web uses her powers to better understand Jessica’s dark past.

It’s an enlightening moment for Jessica fans and also a powerful use of Madame Web’s abilities. She can do more than see the future, she can see the past, and in unique stories like this, she can help shape the character and pathos of others.

The Sensational Spider-Man #26

Madame Web speaks with Iron Spider in Marvel Comics.

Madame Web helps Spider-Man with one of his greatest challenges in the dark and gripping The sensational Spider-Man #26 from 2006. Featuring realistic art by Clayton Crain, she plays a key role in helping Spider-Man against many of his worst villains.

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Several of Spider-Man’s animal-themed villains like The Lizard, Vulture, and others have teamed up in a potential live-action storyline. Madame Web helped him discover that Stegron was behind it all, one of Spider-Man’s weirdest villains.

The Sensational Spider-Man #39

Madame Web and Peter Parker do a seance in Marvel Comics.

One of the most poignant issues in Madame Web’s comic book history might also be a potential live-action storyline. In The sensational Spider-Man #39, Madame Web communes with Peter Parker to help her talk to Aunt May, who is in a coma.

Aunt May died in Spider-Man: No Coming Homebut depending on how well the character has integrated with the MCU, Madame Web could allow Peter to speak with May again, as she is able to communicate with the past as much as she is the future.

The Amazing Spider-Man #637

Madame Web passes on her powers to Julia Carpenter in Marvel Comics.

A big issue that could have some influence on the live-action version of Madame Web is The Amazing Spider-Man #637. In this issue, Cassandra Webb dies at the hands of Kraven’s daughter The Hunter and she passes on her powers to Julia Carpenter.

Julia Carpenter is well known to comic book fans as one of the best versions of Spider-Woman, and this could be the variant that Dakota Johnson plays in live-action. Julia will remain as Madame Webb for several years after the end of the Sinister Hunt scenario.

The Amazing Spider-Man #216

Madame Web returns on the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man 216.

Madame Web is revealed to be more than an atypical character in the Spider-Man universe in issue 216 of The Amazing Spider-Man. In this issue, she helps him foil an assassination plot using her powers of clairvoyance and precognition.

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Madame Web is unable to tell Peter Parker exactly who the culprits are or even who the victims will be, but her information is vital in helping him save the day, and she becomes a vital part of his larger world. allies in the course. of this problem.

The Prowler #4

Julia Carpenter holds a dying Madame Web in Marvel Comics.

The Prowler 2017’s #4 is apparently all about one of Spider-Man’s best comic book villains, but that’s also a big deal for Madame Web. This problem creates one of the most unique moments in the character’s history thanks to its extraordinary power.

In the issue, the Julia Carpenter version of Madame Web telepathically connects to the original version and is able to commune with her even though she is dead. The two interact in an eerie but moving sequence that spans time and space.

The Amazing Spider-Man #229

Spider-Man holds Madame Web in Marvel Comics.

The Amazing Spider-Man #229, written by Roger Stern and drawn by John Romita Jr., shows just how powerful and valuable Madame Web is. A mutant with an extraordinary ability to perceive, she becomes the target of the Juggernaut, who wants to use her to find a future where he can destroy the X-Men.

The Juggernaut nearly kills Madame Web, ripping her out of her survival chair. Spider-Man engages in one of the biggest – and most cataclysmic – battles he’s ever had in the comics in order to save her from Juggernaut.

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